Publications: A View Down-Under

Vol 1: The Chars

A 60-page spiral-bound, letter-sized color map book describing fishing gear, strategies, techniques, char (lake trout, brook trout and splake) habits and much more. It is packed with useful information to help inform and educate both the seasoned and novice angler. The book also contains:

  • Fifteen bathymetric maps, each containing at least one population of char (brook trout, lake trout and/or splake)
  • Char species physiology, seasonal movement habits, locational preferences, feeding behavior and diets
  • Color photos and supporting inset contour map images to help identify key structures and aid in bathymetric map interpretation
  • Rod, reel, line and lure selection information, prey descriptions and fishing methods
  • Safety and prevention tips, catch and release techniques, four tasty char recipes and more
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15 Contour Maps included with the book:

Chickaree Lake

Eustache Lake

Hilliard Lake

Longer Lake

O'Neill Lake

Cradle Lake

Hambone Lake

Kirkwood Lake

Marie Lake

Proulx Lake

Daisy Lake

Head Lake

Lauder Lake

Merganser Lake

Tim Lake

A full Book Review can be found on Mark in the Park's website


Vol 2: Supplemental Map Book

A 30-page spiral-bound, letter-sized color map book containing eighteen bathymetric maps not included in Volume 1.

Basin Lake
Big Bissett Lake
Delano Lake
Kenneth Lake
Lawrence Lake
Little Lake
Magnetawan Lake
Mallard Lake
McManus Lake
Merchant Lake
North River Lake
Pardee Lake
Ralph Bice Lake
RedPine Bay of Burntroot Lake
Sec Lake
Smith Lake
St. Andrews Lake
Wet Lake


Individual Bathymetric Maps

  1. 43 Algonquin Provincial Park bathymetric lake maps available. Sizes are tabloid (11" x 17") and letter (8.5" x 11").
  2. All maps are in color and laminated 3.0 Ml semi-gloss for durability and waterproofness..
  3. All contour labeling is in feet. Other than exceptions listed below all maps use 3 foot (1 meter) contour intervals with 15 feet (5 meter) index contours.
  4. Due to lake depths and/or size, Clamshell, Cradle, Barron River (Canyon), Basin and Ralph Bice Lake are in 5 foot intervals with 15 feet (5 meter) index contours. Eustache L, the deepest in the Park at over 300 feet deep, uses 15 feet (5 meter) intervals with 60 feet (20 meter) index contours.
  5. Each map also identifies with GPS accuracy captured campsites, portages, access points, wetlands, rivers, creeks, emergent rocks and islands.
  6. All maps list known gamefish species present and sounding year(s).
  7. Map Scales from 1:2500 on letter-sized media. Larger media size results in a larger scale (easier relative positioning).

Sample map of St. Andrews Lake and map Legend below. Select or Right Click on either to download or print the files.

St. Andrews


Example map with several identified legend features:

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Note: To enhance map protection, it is recommended to carry the laminations inside quality waterproof flexible plastic clear-sided map case(s). Those offered by Aloksak, SealLine or similar products are highly recommended.